About Us

The Regal Youth Company was established in 2015 to create and facilitate opportunities for children and young people to engage with regular, weekly creative activity. We believe that participating in drama workshops helps participants boost their confidence, develop social, creative and communication skills and make lifelong memories

Our workshop space aims to be inclusive, accessible and welcoming. We believe that all children and young people should have access to creative and participatory activities. We do our best to make sure prices are affordable and workshops are suitable for all those taking part.

We are based in Bathgate, West Lothian. Our name comes from the Regal Theatre which is located in the town centre of Bathgate. The Regal Theatre is where we run most of our workshops and perform shows. However, we enjoy visiting other venues including the Purple Orange and Bathgate Partnership Centre for shows and rehearsals. 

We are very proud of where we operate and look expand into other areas of West Lothian to ensure that there are no geographic barriers to participating in our activity. By breaking down barriers to participating, we believe that more young people will benefit and find enjoyment in creating and performing.

We have developed an exciting education and outreach programme for schools and community groups to access. We are interested in exploring theatre in an education setting and as a tool for community development and social change. Our education and outreach workshops reflect this approach and will offer schools and community groups the opportunity to explore issues and subjects through drama and performance.

Through creating opportunities for children and young people to participate in drama within an educational or social setting, we aim to display drama as a potential area of study, career or hobby.

Our Weekly Workshop Groups and Production Companies (launching 2021) create performances that challenge, educate and entertain audiences. We use devised pieces and texts to explore ideas, as a form of self-expression and to challenge ourselves as performers and theatre-makers. 

Our performances feature: original writing, physical theatre, non-narrative theatre, autobiographical exploration and responses to real world issues. We use pre-existing texts to look at themes and issues that are reflected in the world we live in today.

Get Involved!

Our fun, creative and exciting drama workshops run weekly for children, young people and adults in West Lothian. We run a wide range of drama classes, workshops and projects for all ages!

The Regal Youth Company

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