Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate creative, social and playful spaces for children, young people and adults within West Lothian through drama workshops and music events. 

We believe that drama and music have a profound place in society for helping people with both physical and mental health. Participating in regular creative activities can help people boost confidence, make new friends and develop skills for life. Our aim is to create a space where participants can be themselves, take pride in who they are and build a community of like-minded individuals. 

We also pride ourselves on creating performances that challenge, entertain and engage participants and audiences. We focus on both the process and product. After many years of being in youth theatre as participants, our team knows that the process of making theatre is just as important as the final product. The sense of togetherness that the arts bring is something special and we really value that. 

We love what we do and we hope that shines through in all of our work. Being drama kids, music kids, art kids, dance kids, musical theatre kids... has changed our lives and we hope we can do the same for other people. 

Our Values

Playful Spaces

"In a normal education everything is designed to suppress spontaneity, but I want to develop it." - Keith Johnstone, drama practitioner

We believe that the best work is created when participants feel at ease in the space, comfortable with the workshop leaders and friendly with other participants. We do this by bringing humour, fun and joyfulness into every workshop, rehearsal and performance. In an environment where participants are not afraid to make errors, we believe that the most interesting drama can be made in these moments. We want to create a generation of adults who don't lose that spark of imagination - often, we are in trapped in a world where mistakes are condemned and we want absolute perfection. We want our space to be as creative, joyful and playful as possible. 

Social Spaces

""RYC to me, is a place where I bonded with some beautiful souls and really learned a lot about myself." - Heather Richardson, past participant

We value the social aspect of participating in the arts as much as the creative aspect. We know that by participating in regular weekly activities friendships will grow between participants, a spirit of team work and collaboration grows and a true "family" vibe can grow over time. Drama can also help with developing communication skills, confidence and give people a space to come and be themselves. We've created a space where people can come along and be totally themselves and take in pride who they are. 

Creative Spaces

""RYC is the most supportive environment for young people looking to be creative." - Eilidh Harker, musician

As an organisation which promotes the arts and uses drama and music to engage participants and audiences, creativity plays an important role in our work. We want the children, young people and adults participating in our activities to fully embrace their imagination and use our workshop spaces as a place to explore that. We want to create work that's funny, tragic, weird, joyful, dramatic, new, old, plays with twists, physical theatre... we work with our groups to see what they want to do and what they respond best to. We aim to work with a wide range of artists and freelance facilitators to give lots of different experiences to our participants.

Team RYC

""We're there for each other... and if anything proves that, it's our experience during COVID19. This has been the toughest of times but we've remained Team RYC." - Matthew Swan, artistic director

Past participants, current participants, staff, future participants, volunteers, past staff, audience members, musicians, performers, techs, supporters, freelancers... we're all Team RYC.

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Our exciting, fun and creative drama workshops run weekly for children, young people and adults in West Lothian. We run a wide range of drama classes, workshops and projects for all ages!

The Regal Youth Company

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