Take the Lead Workshops

We develop and encourage young leaders. We believe that there is a leader in everyone. We aim to create an environment where young people can develop skills to be leaders within their community, groups and further education. Leadership is built up of many different skills - time management, motivating people, negotiating, facilitating and more. 


Our Take the Lead Workshops explore the role of a workshop leader within a group. Participants will get the opportunity to engage with creative, management and leadership skills. 

What do we do? We start off by asking the question, what is a leader? Why does someone lead? What qualities do leaders have? What's a good leader? What's a bad leader? We want to facilitate discussions around leadership. We'll then progress into a workshops where participants will get the chance to showcase and develop leadership skills. Our workshop gets participants up on their feet thinking and leading. Why book our Take the Lead workshop? Our workshop will create the opportunity for participants to find out what a leader is in within an arts context. It will also show facilitating as a potential career option. Who is this for? The workshop is designed for Secondary School, College or University students but can also be adapted for other settings including outside of education. 

How much does it cost? There's no fixed cost - each group is different and each workshop is different. Costs will be worked out by the size of the group, length of workshop, age range and whether workshops span a few weeks or take place on one night. We aim to be affordable and accessible with our pricing and will always give you a quote beforehand. How do I book or arrange a chat? If you'd like to chat about potential workshops or book one, email admin@regalyouthcompany.com.

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Our exciting, fun and creative drama workshops run weekly for children, young people and adults in West Lothian. We run a wide range of drama classes, workshops and projects for all ages!

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