Creative Pathways Workshops

The Creative Industries offers a wide range of career opportunities - actors, musicians, directors, writers, producers, artists, sound designer and the list goes on. In this workshop, designed for S4-S6, we will explore the many career options in the industry and the types of skills and experience that would be useful to have in being successful in them. Our Creative Pathways workshops can be done in one workshop or across a couple of weeks. We can provide these workshops for any Secondary School creative subject or community groups. The workshops can also be adapted to include careers participants would be interested in. Get in touch and we can have a chat about what we can do.

Workshops include...

Creative Career Advice

Our team of workshop leaders have a wide range of experiences both in and outside of the creative sector. In our team we have trained and worked as: directors, youth theatre facilitators, actors, musical theatre trained, design, marketing and we've also worked in places like factories, libraries, gyms, cafes and as theatre front of house managers. We've all taken different paths to how we got to our chosen career path and we can give your students advice and stories on how they too could get here. 

Tailored Activities

Before we come in and do the workshop, we'll send you a form and questionnaire to your class to find out what they would like most from the workshop. We'll then work hard to created a tailored workshop to suit the interests of your class. We will also select the workshop leader who has most experience in the areas highlighted. 

Resource Pack

We will produce a tailored resource pack which complements the workshop. This will be sent to the teacher / contact point one week after the workshop has taken place. The pack will include reflective activities, group exercises as well as activities for individuals to complete in their own time.


Our workshop fees are dependent  on a number of factors including: size of class, workshop length and number of workshops. We aim to be affordable and accessible to all so our fees do reflect that.

Get Involved!

Our exciting, fun and creative drama workshops run weekly for children, young people and adults in West Lothian. We run a wide range of drama classes, workshops and projects for all ages!

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