June Newsletter

27th May 2020

In our June newsletter we talk about how our digital drama workshops have been going, speak to past participant Heather Richardson and go into a wee bit more detail about our plans for the 18-25 Acting Collective starting in January 2021.

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Summer Term

26th May 2020

Due to the current situation with coronavirus it's unlikely that we'll be able to go on holidays during the Summer and activities may still be limited. We want to make sure that there is still some regularity and normality for children and young people during this time. 

We've made the decision to keep our weekly workshops going across the Summer Holidays! We'll still be meeting online every Monday night! 

For more information about prices and spaces please email

Another Week of Digital Drama!

12th May 2020

We've been going digital for a while now and we're settling well into it and so are the participants. We absolutely love seeing our three groups every week - it makes lockdown so much easier. We thought we'd share some of the feedback we get weekly from our participants. Thoughts include:

"Absolutely love seeing everyone every week - starts the week on such a good note."

"Didn't think it would be possible to drama online but this has totally changed that - we definitely can do drama online!" 

"I get to see all my friends from drama and that makes me really happy." 

We're continuing to find new ways of doing drama workshops online and are really excited about where these digital workshops are going. And it's not too late to join - email us on for more information.

5 Questions with...

14th May 2020

To celebrate five years of the Regal Youth Company we're going to be asking five questions to current participants, staff and supporters and some faces from the past too! First up is Matthew!

Q1. In a sentence, what does the Regal Youth Company mean to you?

It means home, it means friends, it means family, it means community. 

Q2. How did you first come in contact with the Regal Youth Company? 

I set it up with a bunch of friends from university and past projects - can't believe it was five years ago though! 

Q3. What is your favourite memory of the Regal Youth Company? 

There's been so many but for me Another Evening of Entertainment in 2016 will always hold a special place in my heart - that show was massive for us. 

Q4. What's your favourite drama game that you've played at the Regal Youth Company? 

It's got to be RYC Whoosh?! 

Q5. If you could put something on RYC's bucket list what would it be?

There are so many things I'd like us to do - perform at the fringe, set up a young production company, start more groups and perhaps starting our music branch again in a slightly different way.

You Can Still Join!

11th May 2020

Workshops may be digital but we are still welcoming new participants to our group. We've found that a lot of our children and young people are responding positively to the weekly interaction with others. We'd love to open this up to more young people and welcome more to our group.

Our digital workshops include a weekly check-in, drama games, drama technique work, exercises and weekly tasks. If you'd like more information or chat to someone about the workshop please contact us!

If you'd like to sign up, please email 

Engaging with the Sector

11th May 2020

Over the past few months we've been engaged with a conversation with the youth theatre sector that we couldn't have imagined until the COVID-19 outbreak - how to engage with young people digitally in youth theatre workshops.

We've attended virtual check ins and swap shops to share ideas, build connections, shout out about all the work we're doing and celebrate the achievements of our friends all over Scotland. 

It's absolutely vital that we keep going during these tough times - the regularity and normality that youth theatres bring during lockdown is so important. We just wanted to make our appreciation of YTAS and all our other youth theatre friends known. 

Reflecting on... 2015/16

10th May 2020

The Regal Youth Company was set up in 2015 as part of the Regal Community Theatre's outreach programme. It was set up by a group of Queen Margaret University students when they noticed an opportunity within the programming of theatre activity. There were lots of exciting events and moments that happened in year one including the launch show, Another Evening of Entertainment and starting weekly drama and music workshops. 

There was a lot of figuring out of what we were going to be and what the values of the company were. Lots of these ideas and values have developed over the years but have remained very similar. We wanted to facilitate a space for young leaders to grow in ability, confidence and experience... now, we offer Take the Lead workshops and one of our main focus points is to create young leaders through drama workshops. 

I couldn't speak about year one without talking about Another Evening of Entertainment. For me, this was the biggest show we've done so far. it was a complete team effort and brought over fifty young people together to create an amazing weekend of shows. It was the culmination of a year of hard work and determination. 

Sometimes when I think back to those times, those amazing times, I need to pinch myself because it feels like I'm living my dream. If I could tell myself back then that the company would be going five years later and how much it has grown, I think past me would have trouble believing it. 

I was never the most confident in school but youth theatre gave me the space to grow in confidence and to learn who I was. My main aim in that first year was to create a space where children and young people could grow in confidence and express themselves. I think we've created that space and will continue to improve and find new ways to create that space for the children and young people who come through our doors.

Going Digital

9th May 2020

Up until a few months ago no one could have imagined delivering an online-only term. In December we anticipated coming back to a term of preparing for summer shows, welcoming new participants and starting new groups... however, due to the COVID-19 crisis all those plans got put on pause. We had to go digital if we wanted to continue engaging participants in regular activity throughout lockdown. 

As you may know 2020 marks five years of the Regal Youth Company and we had some huge plans to celebrate and new projects to announce. However, most of these have now been put on hold until 2021 so they can be given the time and celebration they deserve. That won't stop us celebrating five years of RYC though, we are planning some digital releases to mark the occasion. 

Moving workshops online has made us think a lot about the role of the youth theatre in the life of a young person - the regularity and reassurance that RYC will be there every week is ore important than ever. Youth theatre brings an element of normality in times that are not normal.. 

We've had to learn new ways of facilitating and participants have had to learn new ways of participating - a new challenge for the company and the wider world. I am so proud of all our amazing workshop leaders and participants - they have shown that even through the toughest of times they can bring the enthusiasm and energy to get us through to the other side. We can't wait until face to face workshops are back but we are so grateful that workshops can continue through technology.

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