The Regal Youth Company


Phone: 07427674594

Post: Reconnect Regal Theatre

24-34 North Bridge Street


EH48 4PS


Nikita, Past Participant & Volunteer

Being part of RYC impacted me in such a positive way! I was a very shy and quiet person before joining the company, now I'm so much more confident in my craft and as a person in general. Because of RYC I've had a lot of incredible opportunities such as becoming a young leader for music- teaching and also performing and becoming an Amigo at the National Festival of Youth Theatre. I also had the opportunity of actually volunteering within the theatre and learning the ins and out of how everything works, making connections and getting to work on a wide range of shows. I honestly can't thank RYC enough for everything I've had the chance to experience, not only did my love for theatre and music grow but I did as well. Thanks to the company I've met a lot of amazing people who I'll forever hold dear to my heart, whenever I come back to volunteer I feel at home and it really helps ground me, it inspires me to continue down my creative path. I'll never forget my time at RYC, as it was some of the best years of my life.

Nikita was a participant at our music and drama workshops for a number of years, trained as a young leader and is now a volunteer for the company. They now study Music at college and come back regularly to help out at music shows and drama workshops.

Matthew, Artistic Director & Workshop Leader

The RYC has made such a positive stamp on my life and the lives of many others. For me, it gave and gives me the opportunity to grow as a leader and facilitator. It has helped me become more confident in my abilities and has gave me the chance to develop a practice to take with me in my freelance career. Thanks to the skills developed at RYC, I'm now at Drama Tutor at Star Harmonies and the Regal Youth Company. I thank the RYC for being a space that allows leaders to grow - it is a space where leaders can develop and reflect on their process. I'm very lucky to be part of such an amazing company, work withing an amazing team and leading incredible participants. 

Matthew is a co-founder of the Regal Youth Company and the Artistic Director. He also teaches drama at Star Harmonies and The Performance Academy.